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Volunteer Opportunities

At its heart, Limmud NY is a community built on active participation, where hundreds of people are both participant and volunteer. Every task taken on by a volunteer needs doing, otherwise it just wouldn’t get done.

“How Can I Help?” 
Thank you for helping us create Limmud NY this weekend. If you are registered for the conference, and would like to volunteer at the conference, please see below for important information.

How to register for a volunteer slot?

Click on this link to access the Master Volunteer Shift Google Doc.

Please register for a shift by entering your name and email address next to your preferred shift.
Shifts are organized by day and time.
This year’s shifts are shorter to allow you to attend more sessions. Most shifts are approximately 1 hour.
You are welcome to register for multiple shifts!

What types of volunteer options are there?

Participant Care Roles: People facing roles. You will likely interact with other LimmudNYks (Limmud participants)
Behind the Scenes: Roles that are mostly happening behind the scenes. You will likely have limited interactions with other participants (aside from other volunteers) in these roles.

Participant Care Roles:
Check-in: Assist participants as they arrive at Limmud NY. Greet them with a smile, check their name off the registration list, hand them their name tag, and answer initial questions. If there are questions you do not know the answer to, send them to the Help Desk. This is a participant care role, where you sit in one place.

Help Desk: Make sure all participants have the information they need to make the most of the Limmud NY experience by answering questions and pointing them in the right direction. This is a participant care role, where you sit in one place.

Flow / Direct Traffic: Help participants navigate the building and find which session they’re going to. This is a participant care role, where you will move around.

Greeters: Be the first smiling face that participants see when they arrive! Answer initial questions and point them in the right direction to check in and to drop off their coats. This is a participant care role, where you may move around.

Behind the Scenes:
Setting Up and Hanging Session Signs: Hang signs outside each session room which list today’s sessions. Set up food and materials in appropriate session rooms and help set up the registration desk. This is a behind the scenes role, where you will move around and it may require light lifting.

Cleaning Up: At the end of each day we have to organize, categorize and pack up everything we brought in (really, everything!). You will work with the Limmud NY Steering Committee, Board and Staff to ensure that we leave the synagogue the way we found it. This is a behind the scenes role, where you will move around and it may require lifting.

Everything else: As you know, Limmud NY is a volunteer led experience. As such, there are many things that come up over the course of the conference that you can help with. Just ask! We deeply appreciate your help when a job comes up and you can help!

How will it work?

At the beginning of your shift, please check in with the Volunteer Desk on the Basement Level. They will give you instructions on where to go and orient you for your shift.
Please be prompt! This helps us keep the conference running smoothly.
Register for your volunteer shifts here.
Thank you so much for all of your help and we are so excited to see you soon!
The 2019 Limmud NY Conference Team