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Session Videos

Relive your favorite Limmud NY session memories by watching the following videos. Click on the tabs below to see videos from various years.





Thanks to our partners at JBS for recording these sessions at Limmud NY 2016!

Steven M. Cohen: For a Jewish Democratic State of Israel – End the Occupation

Aronld Eisen: Heschel, King, and the Politics of Prophesy

Nathan Guttman: Will Jews Vote Republican?

Shai Held and David Ingber: Two Journeys in Search of God and Torah

Shaul Magid: When Christianity Defines Judiasm – Martin Buber on Jesus and the Baal Shem Tov

Ronen Newrith: Conversion Crisis and Civil Marriage in Israel – Crises, Challenges, and Opportunities

Daniel Olson: The Six Themes of Jewish Peoplehood

Charles Small: Iranian Antisemitism – Why We Should Care

Deborah Vishnevsky: Many Cultures, One Tradidtion

Dov Waxman: The American Jewish Argument about Israel – A Guide for the Perplexed (and the Vexed)

Thanks to our partners at JBS for recording these sessions at Limmud NY 2015!

Steven M. Cohen: Intermarriage as Policy, Inclusion as Practice

Art Green: Where are We Going? Judaism in the 21st Century

Shai Held: The Torah After Ferguson – Human Equality in the Bible

Panel: Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue – Social Justice and Jewish Engagement – Opportunities and Obstacles

Thanks to our partners at Shalom TV for recording these sessions at Limmud NY 2014!
Ari Shavit: The Israeli Condition 2014

Yehuda Kurtzer: Auschwitz or Sinai? Metaphor and the Meaning of Modern Israel

Abraham Foxman: Current Issues Facing the Jewish Community

Ari Shavit in Conversation With David Suisa

Uri Regev: Israel’s Religion/State Clash – Is It My Problem? AN Assetr or Liability to Jewish Peoplehood?

Uri Regev: Who Is a Jew? A Multi-Dimensional Study, A Biblical, Halachic, Legal, and Political Survey

Daniel Roth: “Remember What Amalek Did to You!” Now Reconcile? Reconciling Identity Conflicts in Text and Society

Ethan Tucker: Shamor and Zakhor in Stereo – Making Sense of Shabbat

Steven M. Cohen and Leon Morris: Analyzing the Pew Study

Shai Held: Why Amazement Matters: A.J. Heschel’s Vision of Theology and Spirituality

Danya Ruttenberg and David Ingber: Spiritual Seeking in the Contemporary World – Why Judaism?

Sam Norich and Cheryl Cook: The Pew Study: A Portrait of Jewish Americans – Central Elements in Jewish Identity Today

Gidi Grinstein: Why Anti-Zionism is as Integral to Judaism as Zionism

Michal Smart and Meryl Gordon: Kaddish, Women’s Voices

Daniel Roth: Join in [Re]Creating 9 Adar!, The International Jewish Day of Constructive Conflict

Rachel Rosenthal: It’s Not Right, but It’s Okay – A Characterization of Wisdom and Halakha

JDOV Talks invite interesting and creative thinkers to give “the Jewish talk of their life.” Inspired by the well-known TED talks, JDOV stands for Jewish Dreams, Observations, Visions. These talks were filmed at Limmud NY 2013.

Daniel Gordis: What’s the Bible About? Jews, Nations, and the World

Yehuda Kurtzer: The Future of the Jewish Past

Ruth Messinger: Reframing the Sh’ma to Repair the World

Jane Eisner: Beyond the Shtetlsphere – Using Media to Create Community

Eli Valley: Nazis Killed the Body, Soviets Killed the Soul, and Other Tales of Protests, Prosecution, and Panic

Larry Smith: From This You Make a Living?

Sarah Bunin Benor: Yiddish Ladino, and Jewish English – Do American Jews Speak a Jewish Language?