Limmud NY

2014 Camp Schedule

Camp Schedule*

*Please note: the camp schedule is subject to change.  Please stop by camp for the most current information.
February 14 – 17, 2014 Location: Elm Room (unless otherwise noted) Edot ‐ Age Groups: Tzeirim (3 & 4 Year Olds), Nitzanim (K, 1 &2), Bogrim (3,4,5), Solelim (6,7,8) Friday, February 14
12:30 pm – Camp Begins! 12:45 pm – Machane Mifgash: Opening Meeting.  Parents should drop off campers at camp and feel free to spend a few minutes meeting the staff. Tzeirim: Welcome Songs & Sign Decorating  Nitzanim: Name Games & Group Cheers Bogrim: Ice Breakers & Elbow Tag
1:30 pm ‐ Yom Mada: Science Day & Yom Masoret: Personal Traditions Tzeirim: Exploring Color! What Happens When You Combine Water & Markers? Nitzanim: Gak Making & Scientific Understandings Bogrim: Terrific Traditions: What are your personal traditions?  Reflection, Skits & Presentations 2:30 pm ‐ Yom Mada: Science Day & Yom Masoret: Personal Traditions Tzeirim: Purim Mask Making ‐ Explore the important symbols of Purim Nitzanim: Shabbat Cards‐ How do you wish a new friend a Shabbat Shalom? Bogrim: Gak Making Competition‐ How fast can your team discover the secret recipe? 3:00pm – Siyum & Sikum ‐Closing Activities Tzeirim: Story Time Nitzanim and Bogrim: Free Choice 3:15pm‐ Magal Siyum ‐ Closing Circle What is something you’re looking forward to for the rest of the Limmud NY 2014? 3:30 pm – Camp Ends! 
Saturday, February 15th
1:00 pm ‐ Camp Begins!
1:10 pm – Machane Mifgash: Opening Meeting Tzeirim: Welcome Songs & Name Rhymes Nitzanim: The Wind Blows & 10 Commandments of Nitzanim Bogrim: Shabbat Pony & 10 Commandments of Bogrim 1:45pm – Drama Hour Tzeirim: Animal Motions & Movements Nitzanim: Paper Bag Dramatics & Mitzvah Charades Bogrim: Purim Character Workshop; Movements Across the floor, Partner Match, Commercials, Purim Interviews 2:45pm – Break & Snack 3:00 pm ‐ Yoga Tzeirim: Stretching & Movement 3:30 – Active Adventures Tzeirim: Search for the Missing Shabbat items Nitzanim: See‐Run‐Build Bogrim: Olympic Team Relay Races 4:30pm ‐ Free Choice: Card Games,Quiet Reading, Ball Games, Chess & Checkers 5:00pm ‐ Maagal Siyum – Closing Circle Who is a new friend you made today? What is something you learned about them? 5:15 pm ‐ Camp Ends! 7:45 pm ‐ Pajama Party (K‐5th Grade) Join friends from camp for a special dinner and exciting movie. Wear your Pajamas! 9:30 pm ‐ Middle School Extravaganza (6th‐8th Grade) – Location: Westover
Sunday, February 16 9:50 am ‐ Machane Mifgash: Opening Meeting
Tzeirim: Morning Songs Nitzanim: Bulldog Name Game & Reviewing Nitzanim Rules Bogrim: Team Rock Paper Scissors & Reviewing 10 Commandments of Bogrim 10:00 am – Midrash Manicures Tzeirim‐ Modeh Ani‐ I am thankful for… ‐ Quilt Making Nitzanim –Music with Louis Bogrim: Personal Flags‐ What represents YOU? 10:30 am: Program Choice Tweets of Torah Kosher Animal Capture the Flag 11:00 am   Tzeirim & Nitzanim: Storytelling with Neil Fleishman Bogrim: Moses? Abraham? King David? Pharoah? ‐ Whose Line is it Any Way? 11:30 am ‐ Clean Up Tzeirim: Clean Up & Pack Up for Lunch Nitzanim: Room Clean Up & Hand Washing Bogrim & Solelim: Name Rapping with Neil Fleishman 11:45 am – Camp Lunch Tzeirim Parents should meet their children outside of the Dining Room 12:45 pm – Rest Hour Free Choice Options: Quiet Reading, Card Games, Chess & Checkers, Drawing, Story Writing 1:15 pm – The Bible Players! 2:15 pm – Ramah365 Scavenger Hunt Tzeirim ‐ Music with Louis 3:00 pm –Scavenger Hunt Slideshow & Presentation Snack 
3:30pm –Rocking Rikud ‐ Israeli Dancing Join us at 5pm outside of the Dining Room for more Family Israeli Dancing! 4pm –T‐Shirt Distribution & Group Picture Please wear your camp shirt to tonight’s Limmudapalooza! 4:20pm ‐ Maagal Siyum What is something new you tried today? How did it feel? 4:30 pm ‐ Camp Ends! 9:15pm – Middle School Movie Night (6th, 7th and 8th Grade) Monday, February 17 9:30 am ‐ Camp Begins! 9:40 am ‐ Machane Mifgash: Opening Meeting Tzeirim: Shalom Chaverim – Hello & Goodbye! Nitzanim: The Question Ball Bogrim: Find the Rhythm 10:00 am – Morning Programs Tzeirim: Follow the leader & Simon Says Nitzanim: Israel Map Game Bogrim: MLK & Heschel ‐Step Inside Activity, Poster Creation & Presentation 10:45 am – Break & Snack 11:00 am – Program Choice Jeopardy & Trivia Competition Run that Tune! Tzeirim: Todah Rabbah ‐ Thank You Posters 11:45 am – Ice Cream Making 12:15 pm – Clean Up 12:30pm ‐ Maagal Siyum – Closing Circle Share your favorite memory from Limmud NY 2014! What was your favorite part?
12:45pm ‐ Camp Ends!