Whether you got to see some of the JDOV talks at Limmud NY 2013 or weren’t at the conference, the full videos from the sessions are now live and online. Watch these videos for a sampling of some of the incredible ideas that were shared.

“Yiddish, Ladino and Jewish English: Do American Jews Speak a Common Language?” with Sarah Benor

“Beyond the Shtetlsphere: Using Media to Create Community” with Jane Eisner

“What’s the Bible About? Jews, Nations, and the World” with Daniel Gordis

“How To Remember and How Not To Forget” with Yehuda Kurtzer

“Reframing the Sh’ma to Repair the World” with Ruth Messinger

“Nazis Killed the Body, Soviets Killed the Soul, and Other Tales of Protests, Persecutions and Panic” with Eli Valley

“From This You Make a Living?” with Larry Smith

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