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Shabbat at Limmud NY

Havdallah Whether this is your first Shabbat experience or you celebrate Shabbat every week, there is something truly special about spending Shabbat with Limmud NY. We create an environment in which participants can comfortably celebrate Shabbat according to their customs, as well as a welcoming atmosphere in which to explore new Shabbat experiences. Highlights of Shabbat include: Communal Shabbat dinner with hundreds of your fellow LimmudNYks A variety of Shabbat service options on Friday night and Saturday Ways to celebrate Shabbat that you’ve never thought of before I have a traditional Shabbat observance practice.  Will I be able to observe Shabbat at Limmud NY? Absolutely! Limmud NY is inclusive and pluralistic.  LimmudNYks have a wide variety of Shabbat observances and at Limmud NY, we strive to create a space in which each individual can celebrate Shabbat according to their custom. Please be aware of the following Shabbat accommodations at the Hyatt Regency Princeton:
  • All guestrooms use electronic locks, manual locks are not available. The Hyatt will have attendants on call to ensure that Shabbat observant participants will be able to access their rooms during Shabbat. Please refer to the Program Book on site for attendant hours and location.
  • Sessions will be on two floors. Elevator attendants will be on call to assist participants who choose to use the elevator (the elevators do not function in Shabbat mode).
  • Public restrooms use electronic sensors for toilet flushing and sinks. Limmud NY and the Hyatt will ensure that certain public bathrooms are Shabbat-friendly. All guestroom restrooms use manual toilet flushing and sinks (no electronics).
  • If you have questions about spending Shabbat at the Hyatt Regency Princeton, please call the Limmud NY office at 212-908-2539.
I do not have a traditional Shabbat observance practice.  Can I play musical instruments, use electronics, etc. to enhance my experience?
We have worked hard to create a warm and spirited Shabbat experience with diverse options for all participants. We hope you find options that resonate with your current practice, and we encourage you to explore and try things that are new to you. Your participation helps create a contemplative, cooperative, and pluralistic Shabbat that is welcoming and inspiring. Together, we are able to create a Shabbat Shalom—a Shabbat of peace. When Shabbat ends, we hope you will feel replenished and eager to begin the week ahead with the Limmud NY community.
In public spaces that cater to the entire Limmud NY community, Limmud NY adheres to traditional Shabbat observance and requests that participants do not use electronic devices or musical instruments. In individual sessions (as opposed to public spaces), we offer a wide range of options which are clearly identified in the Program Book. **Participants who use electronic devices for medical or accessibility purposes are welcome to use these devices in all spaces on Shabbat. We ask that all participants respect the needs and practices of others**