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Promotional Opportunities and Limmud NY Shuk

Now in its 14th year, Limmud NY is the premier conference celebrating Jewish learning, diversity, and community. Bringing together over 800 participants for Presidents’ Day weekend (February 16-19, 2018), Limmud NY offers an exceptional opportunity for your organization or business to connect with a captive audience.

When you promote your brand at Limmud NY you will have access to an engaged and passionate group of participants – and will be able to build connections that will serve your organization well into the future.

Promotional Opportunities

Note that if you would like a shuk table in addition to another promotional opportunity, please click the “reserve today” button in the shuk column – all of the other buttons skip the shuk table signup functionality.

Shuk (Marketplace) Table

On Sunday February 18th we set up the Limmud NY Shuk, a marketplace of ideas, organizations, and businesses, right in the heart of the conference. You will have the opportunity to interact directly with conference participants and engage them with your brand and mission.

Prime Placement Table: $275
Standard Placement Table: $200


Participant Bag Insert

Each Limmud NY participant is given a conference bag stuffed with goodies and promotional materials from our sponsors. You will have the opportunity to send us one card or flyer to insert into 800 Limmud NY bags. 



Any materials you want to provide, must arrive at the Limmud NY office by Wednesday, January 31st. If you would like to insert something other than a card or flyer (swag, book, magazine, etc) please email info@limmudny.org.

Program Guide Ads

Each Limmud NY participant is given a program guide, featuring the schedule, presenter bios, and other information about the conference – it is required reading for every participant, and your brand will be front and center!

Inside back cover, full page, color: $800
Full page, black & white: $600
Half page, black & white: $300


Specifications for ad sizes

Hotel Room Delivery

Have your magazine, newspaper, or other promotional material delivered to every hotel room overnight, so that each participant will see it as soon as they open their door in the morning.