Limmud NY

Bring a Group to Limmud NY

The Limmud NY community is made up of people of all ages, from all backgrounds and denominations. We welcome groups from Congregations, Universities, and various communities. We offer various opportunities for groups of 10 and more, including optional tracks and sessions just for your group.

Congregation Groups

Coming Soon!

Community Groups

Coming Soon! Student Groups Students The student population forms the vibrant future of the conference. It is for this reason that we value our student community and seek to provide a unique and stimulating student program at Limmud NY. What will you do as a student participant?
  • Meet students from all over New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and other places.
  • Attend panels, eat meals, watch performances, and learn from renowned Jewish educators, performers, and presenters from around the country and abroad.
  • Enjoy a unique Jewish experience like you never have before!
  • Learn about Limmud’s approach to cross-communalism and how you can implement similar models in your own community.
  • Volunteer! Limmud NY is a community of volunteers who have worked all year to execute the conference. Volunteers make up the “staff” that works the conference itself. Students will have the same volunteer opportunities as other participants: working at the help desk, greeting participants, setting up rooms, and more!