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Limmud NY’s Essential Questions
We believe that learning together, embracing difference and diversity, is one of the most powerful ways to build and strengthen the Jewish community and we intend for our program to create a space uniquely suited to this kind of learning. Limmud NY is committed to making this conference a center where major questions in the Jewish world are discussed. Through a process of convening community members and lay leaders, our Programming Team identified Essential Questions to help facilitate our discussions, guide our learning, and frame the conference.
– What is the role of disagreement in Jewish life and tradition, and how do we grapple with important issues and ideas “for the sake of heaven”?
– How do innovation and tradition influence our Jewish practice?
– Why do we learn? What is the value of Jewish learning?
– What is our responsibility to the Jewish people and the world?
– How do our diverse identities intersect to create Jewish life and culture, and what impact does this have on our communities?
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