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At the Conference

HelpDeskLimmud NY Check In

  • Limmud NY Check-in will open on Friday, February 16, 2018 at 12:30pm.
  • Bring a copy of your registration confirmation email
  • If you arrive after Shabbat dinner has started at 6:30 pm, go to the Limmud NY Help Desk.

Hotel Check In

  • A credit card and photo ID are required to check in to the hotel. The hotel will keep the number on file for any incidentals charged to your room.
  • Hotel rooms will be ready starting at 3:00pm. Baggage check with the hotel is available until your room is ready.

Hotel Check Out

  • Check-out time is 11:00 am on the day of your departure. If you do not check out by 11:00 am, your credit card will be charged.
  • On Monday, you may check your bags with the hotel until the end of the conference at 2:00 pm.


  • Photo ID is required at check-in for all adults.
  • Nametags must be worn at all times during the conference. Participants not wearing their nametag will be approached by security.

Shabbat and Kashrut

  • All food served in the Ballroom (the Limmud NY dining room) and at the Limmud NY Café (in the atrium on the lower level) is kosher under the supervision of the Orthodox Union (OU). Beverages available for purchase at the Hotel’s bar are not under supervision.
  • All guestrooms use electronic locks, manual locks are not available. The Hyatt will have attendants on call to ensure that Shabbat observant participants will be able to access their rooms during Shabbat. Please refer to the Program Book on site for attendant hours and location.
  • Sessions will be on two floors. Elevator attendants will be on call to assist participants who choose to use the elevator (the elevators do not function in Shabbat mode).
  • Public restrooms use electronic sensors for toilet flushing and sinks. Limmud NY and the Hyatt will ensure that certain public bathrooms are Shabbat-friendly. All guestroom restrooms use manual toilet flushing and sinks (no electronics).
  • If you have questions about spending Shabbat at the Hyatt Regency Princeton, please call the Limmud NY office at 212-908-2539.

Creating a Safe and Respectful Community

The Limmud NY community expects that participants will be respectful towards others at all times. This includes the participants, staff, Board, and volunteers of Limmud NY, the staff of the hotel, and the catering, security, and AV staff. At Limmud NY, everyone is a teacher and everyone is student. Our conference thrives on its diversity, which includes but is not limited to: age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, ability, and beliefs. Respect means recognizing that people hold differing beliefs, and that discussion about those beliefs is acceptable, but personal attacks are not. A note on ‘arguments for the sake of heaven’:
  • We recognize and appreciate that ‘arguments for the sake of heaven’ can make a positive contribution to furthering our education and understanding.
  • We do not participate in legitimizing or de-legitimizing any religious or political position found in the worldwide Jewish community. Anyone coming to Limmud NY seeking opportunities for this will not find them. We have no part to play in the debates between/across denominations.
Participants who are asked to stop any form of misconduct are expected to comply immediately. Misconduct is defined as deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, disruption of sessions or other events, disruptive arguments anywhere at the conference, personal verbal attacks either made directly or about another person at the conference, fights, physical assault, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, or any other act that may cause harm to oneself or others. Respectful disagreement will not be construed as harassment. The Board and staff of Limmud NY have complete discretion in identifying instances of misconduct. Conference participants violating this policy may be expelled from a session or from the conference at the discretion of the Limmud NY Board and staff.  No refunds will be issued to participants expelled from the conference. The Limmud NY community has its basis in trust and respect for all.