We are proud to be collaborating with Chai Mitzvah for our 2013 conference. Chai Mitzvah will extend your Limmud NY experience for months to come as you continue to experience the joy of “growing your Judaism.” Your achievements will be celebrated at the Limmud NY conference in 2014. Chai Mitzvah is a turn-key program that deepens Jewish engagement and builds community through 5 simple steps:
  1. Learning about Jewish heritage
  2. Participating in a new Jewish ritual
  3. Engaging in a social action project with a Jewish flavor
  4. Joining a community discussion
  5. Participating in an end of year celebration!
You bring us the community, we bring you the experience. This 9 month experience can be done with family, friends, chavurot, Jewish organizations, and synagogues for a nominal fee . We will help to identify an educator for your group or help you create your own Learning Circle. This is your experience, so you can pick and choose what you want to study, and how much or how little you want to commit to. Chai Mitzvah and Limmud NY are here to help you connect to your roots, grow your Judaism, and rejuvenate you on your Jewish journey.