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“One has to take a clear stand about Jerusalem. One cannot pass through in silence. I claim that Jerusalem is a hard town. A harsh town, sometimes. Don’t trust its modesty, its gentleness that isn’t gentle. Look at its sealed stone houses.

“People extol the sweetness of its air. Yes, I know about that. But the empty nights. Pass through any of its quarters after nine in the evening and you will be walking through a city of the dead. No car will ever stop at your call. Jerusalem, its calm is feigned.”


A.B. Yehoshua is one of Israel’s most prominent writers. His novella “Three Days and a Child” is the story of young man who is suddenly and almost inexplicably forced to care for his former lover’s young son in Jerusalem, causing him to relive the pain of their separation.

The novella is included in the anthology The Continuing Silence of a Poetavailable on Amazon.

Read the story and bring your book to join a lively facilitated discussion at Limmud NY 2014! If you have any questions or plan to attend, please send a message to info@limmudny.org. (The email is not binding, and is only to help the facilitator plan the session.)