Limmud NY

History and Limmud Worldwide

History of Limmud NY

For over 30 years, the annual Limmud conference in England has impacted the lives of thousands. In 2003, a group of six visionary volunteers decided to reinvigorate the New York Jewish community by bringing the experience home. With a grant from the Picower Foundation, UJA-Federation of NY provided funds to seed the creation of Limmud NY. Limmud NY became one of the select residents of Bikkurim: An Incubator for New Jewish Ideas, and in January 2005 the first Limmud NY conference was held in the Catskill Mountains. Today, more than 5,000 people have participated in Limmud NY programming and is recognized as a leading creator of immersive, cross-communal, multi-generational Jewish learning experiences.


The Limmud model of cross-communal Jewish learning and grassroots volunteering has inspired others throughout the world. Today there are more than 84 Limmud groups in 44 countries, and more every year! For more information about Limmud around the world, and to find out where you can participate in other Limmuds on your travels, visit the Limmud website.