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IMG_6104Limmud NY creates community through volunteering and only has one paid employee. Our countless volunteers are empowered to oversee every aspect of the event, beginning a year in advance and continuing on-site throughout the weekend. Limmud NY is a participatory event, a communal collaboration, a celebration of what is possible when we all work together.

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Volunteer Teams

The Programming Team plans and coordinates all discussions, panels, performances, presentations, and workshops at the annual Limmud NY conference. Our volunteers recruit presenters from all walks of Jewish life, reflecting the diversity of Limmud NY participants.

We also have the opportunity to design and edit the Limmud NY conference program book. While at the conference, Programming Team members help coordinate all AV and session needs for artists, performers, and presenters – making our volunteers an integral part of running the conference itself!

Social and Communal Programming
This team helps to plan all those big events where people have an opportunity to be together, celebrate being a community, and meet other Limmud participants in a fun setting. Our goal is to create and/or enhance events that make it easier for people to feel comfortable to meet others and enjoy the weekend. Past activities have included Karaoke, Dance Party, Speed Meeting, Chat n’ Chew, Instant Choir, Get in L’Mood, Shabbat Dinner, and the Sunday Night Variety Show.

One of the Jewish people’s greatest treasures is Shabbat. As Abraham Joshua Heschel observes, Shabbat is the Jewish “palace in time.” The varying levels of observance at Limmud NY allow participants to sanctify Shabbat in a deeply meaningful and personal way.

The Shabbat Team seeks to create an inspiring and joyous Shabbat experience filled with a diverse array of classes, services and songs. Our primary goal is to bring an energy to the conference that will enable us to create our own “palaces in time” throughout the year.

Camp & Family
The Camp and Family Team focuses on all aspects of the conference related to families. Our goal is to make Limmud NY a place where children can enjoy active, fun Jewish learning while adults attend sessions knowing their children are having a wonderful experience.  Team members help plan activities and programs for Camp Limmud NY and work with the madrichim (camp counselors) to create a dynamic, educational, and safe environment for children ages 2 through 5th grade. This team also oversees the middle school track (6th-8th graders) and the babysitting components of the conference.

Participant Care
The Participant Care Team is at the heart of Limmud NY. We play a key role in interacting with participants to enhance their conference experience and making sure that Limmud NY’s programs and facilities are accessible to all. We are responsible for the on-site logistical and practical aspects of the conference that will ensure the comfort and safety of participants, including check-in/check-out, accommodations, transportation, greening and recycling, and ambiance. The Participant Care Team also organizes and staffs the Help Desk to provide participants with the assistance and information that they need during the course of the conference.

The Catering Team is responsible for working with Limmud NY’s Kosher caterer to plan the menu for the conference and ensure that all aspects of meals run smoothly. This team also oversees the bar and café aspects of the conference.

In-Kind Donations
The In-Kind Donations Team is responsible soliciting organizations to donate goods and services to our annual conference.  We work with the other volunteer teams to ensure that Limmud NY participants have the best experience possible.

Marketing and Outreach
The Marketing and Outreach Team develops a proactive and exciting marketing campaign with the goal of broadening our outreach and ensuring that Limmud NY is attended by a diverse group of people representative of the greater NY community. Our responsibilities include creating dynamic print- and web-targeted marketing materials, guerrilla marketing activities, person-to-person outreach, and social media campaigns. This team also liaises with the Programming and High School/College Teams to ensure that we have a wide variety of participants at the conference.

High School/College
The High School/College Team is responsible for the HS and college student experience at Limmud NY. This includes HS and college outreach and recruitment, organizing participants from a variety of schools, clubs, hillels, etc., as well as creating and facilitating scheduled meet-up times during the conference for participants to meet each other and attend sessions together. This team also assists the Camp and Family Team in recruiting madrichim (counselors) for Camp Limmud NY.

Volunteer Recruitment
Limmud NY’s annual conference is planned by volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. The Volunteer Recruitment Team helps everyone who wants to volunteer find the right team and/or task for them leading up to the conference. Most importantly, we work to keep the volunteers enthusiastic and motivated throughout the planning year.